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Sundubu Jjigae!!!

I made Sundubu Jjigae with trivialaffair today~!! :)) Soooo pleased~:D It was the best Sundubu Jjigae, better than all Ann Arbor Korean restaurants put together. Yummy and spicy! Since I learned a little trick from trivialaffair, now I'm gonna make Sundubu Jjigae all the time ;))
Anyone want some? :9

Today's Twitter

sdafdkjhasds I had to translate this LMAOOOOO ROFLLLLLLLL

Today's TwitterCollapse )
Sungmin in his pink one-piece night gown LOLOLOLLLL
I just can't get over it XDDDD lsduhfljasdhfjals

Why do we like super junior?Collapse )

Twitter Updates

Yesterday -

(Heechul wasn't in a good mood because of all the dirty texts he has been receiving and he twittered about it.)

Sungmin: Heechul hyung don't be stressed~ Is that why you had a long face today? Don't pay attention to those~~ I'm scared (this last part with soooooo much aegyo 'cause normally you would say moosuwo but he added ing at the end which became moosuwo-ing and that's what girls/children use when they want to be cutesy)

Heechul: This emoticon looks like you kekeke (I don't know what emoticon they are talking about) Soooo funny kekeke You and Ryeowook are my two precious treasures keke Ryeowook for food and you for massage~ Two things I love the most~ food and massage

Today -

Sungmin: Did you just wake up? I envy you~~ I'm still at school~ kekekeke

Heechul: Waking up to your tweet feels so good!!! Donghae Hyukjae Sindong these guys have NOOO aegyo at all~ kekekeke Let's go and get massage this week~ I have a place where I go often keke You'll feel so refreshed that you might melt like an ice cream in hot summer days, so becareful keke

Sungmin: Nae-ng Nae-ng ^^(this is also very very cutesy. He is pulling out his aegyo again OMG! btw, nae means yes) Let's go together! ^^ It's really hot here.. T.T Hyung~ you should also becareful when you go out today~ Remember to put on sunscreen!

Heechul: Dan ho bak (this means sweet pumpkin) When are you coming home today~?

Sungmin: Around 1~^^

Heechul: Oh, since we were talking about massage, I thought we could go today, but keke I have radio

I just have one thing to say, ALDSHFASUDHFLASBF!!!!!

I think I died quite a few times reading these tweets XDDDD

My life......


kekekekekeke XDDD

Super Junior - Bonamana

Dream concert! Heehee ;)))))

music bank XDCollapse )

Xiah Junsu - Intoxication

sexy junsu~ o(≥▽≤)o

music station XDCollapse )

Happy Birthday!!!!

Dedicated to ky_rin <333333